D'INTERIORS GIRONA provides comprehensive rehabilitation services to individuals, owners and estate managers. We cover from a first report, the Project and Works Department, carried out by our skilled technicians, to the proper execution of the Works by our industrial partners.

We manage for you the processing of building permits and the processing of grants and aid for rehabilitation at this time give the Generalitat and municipalities.

Let us work for you and not waste your time with complicated industrial and procedures with the Administration.


  The Government of Catalonia has two lines of aid to be convened annually.
1. Aid for the rehabilitation of residential buildings.

The aid is to rehabilitate common elements of residential buildings, in particular for actions related diseases, deficiencies and risks, accessibility, community facilities and sustainability. Before applying for aid, the developer must have a favorable report from Test Building (TEDI), except accredited situations of grave and imminent danger or works, or in case of rehabilitation of parks housing owned or managed by public operators.

To whom it May concern?
- A rehabilitation promoters
- In communities of owners (natural or legal persons) of residential buildings.
- A owners of residential buildings for residential use.

2. Grants for housing rehabilitation
The aid is to rehabilitate homes so that they have the minimum living conditions; adapt the facilities of water, gas, electricity and sanitation; facilitate mobility within Handicapped people and improve thermal and / or acoustic insulation. For aid must be tendered only the Internal Adequacy Report (III) before 2009 and did not start work until the General Directorate for Building Quality and Housing Rehabilitation notify the result of the III.

Who is it for?
- Rehabilitation promoters
- Proprietary persons or housing tenants in their capacity as :
      · Holders housing rehabilitation interior .
      · Holders of a single dwelling buildings for the rehabilitation of elements that are part of the building or inside the house ( detached ) .